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Korean Sauna and Body Scrub Korea were selected as the 4th most preferred cultural experience tours
by the Korea Tourism Organization.
Recently, even YouTube and Hollywood stars are enjoying Korean saunas.
Sometimes pushing out dirt helps blood circulation and removes dead skin cells, which is good for skin care.
However, be careful because doing it often can damage your skin and cause it to age faster.
Body treatment after scrub is essential.

때밀이 스파
때밀이 스파
때밀이 스파
때밀이 스파
때밀이 스파
때밀이 스파
때밀이 스파
때밀이 스파
때밀이 스파

These days, the purchase of body scrub products is increasing significantly in Korea.
Body scrubs are a must-have option when traveling to Southeast Asia, similar to Korea’s scrub culture.
Gently rub your skin with a cream containing fine particles to remove dead skin cells.
Skin becomes soft and moisturized
I love how my skin feels healthier and smoother with regular body scrubs.
A body treatment is essential after the body scrub.


It gained popularity in Sweden and spread to other parts of Europe and North America.
It is the most widely used massage and is currently gaining great popularity in Korea as well.
It has the characteristic of managing slowly and maintaining a constant speed.
Swedish massage is used to promote healing and reduce muscle tension, stress, and chronic pain.
It is a form of massage that uses friction, circular movements, and tapping in gentle movements.
In particular, consistent massage reduces stress hormones and improves mental health such as depression and anxiety.
It also has a positive impact on problems

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